iMBranded Press Release- Audi Advanced Showroom Concept



i.M. Branded Selected by Audi of America to Provide Brand Image Components for Audi Dealerships


Rochester Hills, MI- March  2015 – i.M. Branded, one of the nation’s leading providers of brand-specific fixtures, furniture and large format digital printing (wall art) for the automotive industry, has been selected by Audi of America to produce and supply brand-image components for Audi’s Terminal-style dealerships in the United States.


Under the program, i.M. Branded will be one of two suppliers for all of Audi’s brand-specific furniture and graphic components which are part of the “Advanced Showroom Concept” recently introduced by Audi as a refresh to its Terminal facility program.  All of the components will be manufactured at the company’s Rochester Hills, Michigan, headquarters.


i.M. Branded President Jim Whitehead said, “We are extremely pleased that Audi of America has chosen our company to provide facility image elements under its Terminal facility program. With approximately 120 dealers in the U.S. that are in the process of upgrading their Audi dealership to the new facility concept, this provides a tremendous opportunity for our company to showcase our commitment to quality and execution.”


i.M. Branded has worked with hundreds of new car dealers, representing virtually all brands sold in the U.S., and established themselves as the go-to company for the evolving facility image programs across many different automotive brands. i.M. Branded was recently awarded the rights to provide brand image programs for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Aston Martin, both of which recently introduced new brand image programs and also services Buick, Chevrolet, Fiat Chrysler Group, Maserati and Mercedes-Benz with various aspects of their respective image programs’.

Whitehead added, “As i.M. Branded continues to showcase its strength across the automotive industry, we are actively looking to provide millwork, fixtures, furniture and large-format digital printing to other industries beyond the automotive segment.”


About i.M Branded

i.M. Branded was founded in 1996 and is one of the nation’s leaders in brand image components. The company specializes in designing and installing architectural millwork, fixtures, furniture and graphic components for automotive image programs and a wide variety of grand-scale, large-format digital printing elements across all 50 states. The company’s 70,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, employing over 75 people.

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Honda of Morgan Hill, CA




MORGAN HILL, CA (AUGUST, 2013) – Honda of Morgan Hill was looking for a way to enhance their facility and build customer excitement for the sporty new Honda lineup. Working with the specialists at i.M. Branded, the Morgan Hill team proudly unveiled their new look to kick off the New Year.

The Morgan Hill dealer client was looking for a way to upgrade their facility by creating a unique setting and enhancing the overall customer experience. Morgan Hill first learned of i.M. Branded after visiting the company’s display booth at the 2012 NADA Conference in Las Vegas. When it came time to begin the redesign, the company knew i.M. Branded could create the dramatic upgrade they were looking for.

As customers enter the showroom they’re welcomed with the first of two, floor-to-ceiling wall graphics. This ten-foot mural is action packed with two of Honda’s open wheel racers ready to fly off the track and into the showroom, setting the tone for the facility’s theme of Honda’s racing legacy infused with their customer vehicle lineup. The facility incorporated 200 square feet of graphic wall vinyl, the second mural is located near the sales offices and vehicle display area. Located in the heart of Northern California’s wine country, the dealer client wanted to bring the picturesque scenery of the region into the showroom. The second, floor-to-ceiling wall mural, awakens passion for the open road with a life-size depiction of a beautiful rolling country road, transporting customers from the showroom to the weekend getaways that lie ahead in their brand-new Honda vehicle. Printed on a semi-permanent adhesive wall vinyl, the 200-square-foot murals were custom designed and installed by the i.M. Branded team to ensure a perfect fit and flawless finish.

The facility also used i.M. Branded’s lettering products to replace the traditional wall mounted directional signage. The letters are made from a die-cut, brushed-aluminum laminate on Sintra, each are individually cut then precisely lined up and affixed to the walls for a seamlessly modern look throughout the facility.

To compliment the vehicles of the showroom, Honda’s current lineup is showcased in vibrant graphics decorating walls throughout the showroom, service drive, and mechanic’s garage area. There are 27 AMRs, Artist Mural Replaceables, displayed throughout the facility. These graphics are printed on a highly durable fabric material fastened into a brushed-aluminum frame creating a tailored, custom product designed specifically to compliment each area. The images artistically capture the beauty and functionality of Honda’s vehicles, with AMRs visible in every customer touchpoint area throughout the facility. These graphics visually enhance the customer experience while reinforcing the Honda brand image. Where sport-tuned passion meets luxurious road comfort, there’s no mistaking why these customers chose Honda and Morgan Hill over the competition.

Defying the typical upgrade, this facility raises the pulse, bringing the showroom to life and reminding customers that brand passion and attention to detail drives the team at Honda of Morgan Hill. i.M. Branded looks forward to their continued relationship with Morgan Hill and bringing future branding upgrades to their associated dealership facilities.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Plains Chevrolet of Amarillo, TX

AMARILLO, TX (AUGUST, 2013) – AutoNation is America’s largest automotive retailer with more than 43 million customers. For perspective, that’s equal to about 14 percent of the entire population in the United States. The group’s current initiative is to renovate all of their Chevrolet dealerships nationwide and Plains Chevrolet in Amarillo, Texas, is the most recent facility to undergo the coast-to-coast transformation.

i.M. Branded has worked with AutoNation on many dealership upgrade projects over the past few years. Which is why they were confident i.M. Branded could incorporate the auto group’s guidelines with the OEM image program to create a custom package complimenting and adapting to the needs of this particular dealership. Teaming up with the branding experts at i.M. Branded, Plains Chevrolet brought their facility to life with more than 36 AMR’s, Artist Mural Replaceables, finely printed graphic images mounted into brushed aluminum frames creating precisely tailored edges. Each AMR was sized to fit perfectly in relation to wall space and furniture for each customer touch-point area. The images artistically mimic the area they’re designed for, creating a fluid consistency across the various images to surrounding decor. These AMR’s add vibrant, colorful dynamics to the walls and help reinforce the brand by blending artistically beautiful shots of the newest lineup with the iconic heritage of the past. Customers take a trip down memory lane as they walk the halls from the showroom to the service drive they’re accompanied by a 27 foot-long wall vinyl graphic. This mural is a montage of Chevrolets from yesterday to today, custom designed to give this dealership the dramatic, one-of-a-kind touch they’re looking for. Every customer area reinforces the Chevrolet brand values and legacy as an icon of the American family vehicle. The graphic branding in Plains Chevrolet visually improves the overall customer experience while reinforcing brand loyalty. i.M. Branded looks forward to a continued relationship with AutoNation and bringing the same finesse to the auto group’s many other Chevrolet dealerships nationwide.

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Why Spend Money On Your Facility? Don’t Be Average.

I don’t know if you noticed lately but everyone performing average seems to be miserable and at-risk.  Average marriages, average grades, average income, average investment returns, average attitudes, average business…….ahhhhhhhh average sucks.

The average worker reads an average of less than one book a year and works an average of 37.5 hours per week. This same person makes 319 times less money than the top U.S. CEOs, who claim to read more than 60 books a year. Many of these financially successful executives are maligned for the huge sums of money they receive; however, we often fail to appreciate what these people have done to get where they are today. Warren Buffett says he spends most of his day reading.

Look at Apple: They built mind-blowing products. Steve Jobs wasn’t interested in just money or just another phone but instead making something that amazed people. 
Results speak for themselves.

Average doesn’t work in any area of life.
Anything that you give only average amounts of attention to will start to subside and will eventually cease to exist. Entrepreneurs, artists, producers, computer companies, car salesmen, any and every industry and company that seeks successful futures, attain it with an approach and outlook that average is just not good enough.

My promise to you:
As soon as you begin to exceed AVERAGE in your thinking, approach, and decisions, you will immediately start influencing other areas in your life.  Most of us are brought up to believe that average is enough but it is not.  The entire middle class  is being challenged, today, financially because of the premise of ‘Average’.  Average income, average savings, average equity in the home (or less).  Average is a failing formula for 100’s of millions of people.

Greater-than-average everything will up your personal happiness, allowing you the ability to create satisfaction in others. Friends and family will see the change in you and that will stir change in their own attitudes and daily actions. Positive results will emerge and grow with improvement. You will experience an uplift in all that you do at work, at home, on the road, at a restaurant, on the playing field, you name it.

AVERAGE ≠ EXTRAORDINARY life you dream about.

If you want average, I assure that you will end up with less than that.  Go for extraordinary and even if you end up with less, it will still be above average.

How to ensure you don’t get AVERAGE
1. Surround yourself with exceptional thinkers and doers
2. Treat Average like a terminal disease
3. Make the extra effort to go one step further than you think you should go
4. Keep a EXTRAORDINARY attitude, Always
5. Focus, think and Act MASSIVE

Go big or Go home

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How to Get Customers?….invite them home!


This is a a short video presentation that I showed to Hendrick Automotive Group (#7 Auto Group in the country) to earn their business. In today’s economy people are looking for something more then average. Why do people want to come to your store instead of your competitor down the street?

I hear a lot of complaining about upgrading facilities and the cost. There is a reason people go to STARBUCKS to spend more money on a cup of coffee then go to a gas station or convenience store. The environment @ STARBUCKS makes us feel good. It feels like home…..THAT is why someone will want to come to your store instead of your competitor. Don’t believe for a second that if you have a dumpy looking facility, it won’t cost you in the end. It will cost you customers.

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i.M.Branded – Round Rock Honda – Graphics & Millwork – 360 Video

A 360 Degree highlight Video of the Graphics & Millwork upgrade at Round Rock Honda. 

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Cool new images from i.M. online catalog!

Order Here:

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iMBranded Graphic Catalog Registration Tutorial


This is a step by step video tutorial that will help you register to the iMBranded online graphic catalog, find locations for graphic opportunities within your dealership, pick images, and complete your order. It also will show you how to locate the installation video.


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i.M. Branded Teams With Dealer Group For Multi-Facility Graphics Package

i.M. Branded teams with AutoNation for multi-facility graphics package

AutoNation's Mercedes-Benz of Sarasota - Customer Lounge

i.M. Branded Teams With Dealer Group For Multi-Facility Graphics Package

i.M. Branded is very proud of a nearly-completed collaboration with dealership group AutoNation to create striking branding packages at 15 different Mercedes-Benz facilities. The result of this program that involved i. M. Branded’s design and branding product expertise with AutoNaton’s corporate vision for dealership identity is a Mercedes-Benz dealership collection at the top of the industry.

i.M. Branded has been working with Mercedes-Benz dealers since summer of 2011 as part of the manufacturer’s Autohaus program, providing approved artwork, images and product solutions for unique dealerships around the country. As i.M. worked to contact each MB dealer in the country last year and inform them about the corporate artwork program, the timing of AutoNation’s needs lined up perfectly. AutoNation is one of the largest MB dealers in the world with nearly 20 locations and, as an organization, is focused on a great customer experience starting with a great dealership facility. Their collection of MB dealerships contained a bewildering variety of artwork and other types of branding that differed from site to site. When i.M. Branded first started to meet with these individual locations, the opportunity quickly became apparent to the corporate leadership team at AutoNation for a program that could update all of their MB stores to the latest MB Autohaus program interior look quickly and easily. This approach allowed all AutoNation MB dealerships to share a theme, add exciting color and imagery, and remain compliant with the important manufacturer facility program.

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iMBranded goes to Las Vegas – NADA


LAS VEGAS, NV –The National Automobile Dealers Association trade show is held each winter in different locations around the country with this year’s February 2-6 in Las Vegas.  This huge event held at the Las Vegas Convention Center drew over 30,000 dealers to interact with each other and businesses that service every conceivable aspect of the retail auto industry.  This year was also the first year that i. M. Branded displayed their products and services at the show and, based on interest generated by their display, will definitely be back.

Until this year, we did not really have the mix of products and services to appeal to every scale and budget a dealer may have for a given project. Today we can offer full dealership solutions or simple online items to brighten an office or customer lounge.  We feel we can provide something suitable for every budget and dealership. – Brady Quick, i.M. Senior Account Manager.










In addition to the graphics displays that the company showed at NADA, their new millwork division was highlighted with recent installation presentations and a custom millwork “reception station” that was incorporated into their trade show space.  With over 1000 dealerships across the U.S. and abroad now benefiting from i. M. Branded products and services, the dealer show is the perfect showcase to present the company’s unique blend of products and services to prospective new clients.


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